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The beautiful Grange Valley between Newton-le-willows and Haydock the site of a proposed community wetland

In April this year members of Our Local Voice and Community Organisers independently met with Cory to discuss the possibility of creating a managed wetland reserve on some of the workings of the landfill restoration in order to fulfil the vision of a country park.

As it happened Cory and the Park Development Ranger Scott Lancaster had already had some generic thoughts in this direction for the Park and Our Local Voice was pleased to assist in the facilitation of this vision by developing a web article to the local public to encapsulate this vision and invite the public to offer support on an identified site in the Grange Valley area close to the old Lyme Pit site.

The public delivered with many messages of support to Cory in addition St Helens first and local councillors from Newton, Earlestown and Haydock also offered support and help. Officers from the local council also expressed general support for this vision and this is a very fine example of wider community collaboration on what hopefully will be a really nice community asset for local people to enjoy and for research and educational purposes.

A number of meetings have taken place and following steering meeting we were contacted by Cory last week and are very pleased to report that not only has the sanction been given but that work has already started on lining and profiling.

The plans are to be a managed wetland reserve as described in the Our Local Voice article and in addition to the existing natural pool plans are for a further two pools and a larger wetland area.

This will make the facility a substantial asset for the public to enjoy and create managed habitats to promote a variety of species of plant, insect, amphibian, bird and mammal including some species locally scarce and vulnerable.

The recent heavy rain has hampered progress but the work is already well advanced as you will see from the images.

As the development takes shape we will keep you informed of progress on this update web page.

Orginal article HERE

Grange Valley Lagoons work (1 of 1)

With the existing natural pond in the foreground you can see the capital work being undertaken to create a possible further two pools.

Grange Valley Lagoons work a (1 of 1)

One of the new pools being lined

Grange Valley Lagoons work b (1 of 1)

The area planned to be a larger marsh and wetland area